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Webster's Definition of  
a Dream:
Have you ever thought about what you would do if you new you
only had six months to live? Randy Pausch has given it a great deal
of thought. Randy has a form of cancer and the Dr.’s have given
him only six months to live. Listen to what he wants his children
and the students at the college were he teaches to remember about
his life. He appeared on the Opera Winfrey show and gave her
audience a shorten version of the same lecture he wrote for his
students. It’s called
One Thing or Another
Scott Stratten's movie "Time" has been viewed over 2,500,000 times
since 2003.

Scott is one of the top leading motivational speakers of our time. He
has been featured in several well known publications such as "The
Wall Street Journal"and "USA Today".

Take time to watch his movie and think about how you
$pend your
" Dream "
Watch this  movie by: Stacey Mayo

It's a short video piece that should be watched by anyone who feels
like there's been
One Thing or Another keeping them from letting
there dreams come true.

Stacey Mayo, also known as "The Dream Queen" is the 2005
Author of the Year, Best Self-Help Book and a Master Certified  

You can see her site at
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